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UHP - It's a blast!

Most of you would be familiar with an at-home water blaster. They're usually about the size of an average suitcase, people spend most Saturdays and Sundays water-blasting their decks and cobbles with one - and most, if not all people find it truly satisfying to watch their horrendously dirty surfaces, come up sparkling clean.

But what if we told you, there was something out there more powerful and even more satisfying to watch than your home water blaster?

Let us introduce you to Ultra High-Pressure Blasting. Or as we like to call it - UHP (also known as high pressure water jetting)

Our Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting unit provides a powerful, fast and economical solution for your blasting projects. With pressures from 20,000 to 40,00 (PSI), Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting quickly erodes any type of tough surface build-up using only water, with no abrasives, chemicals, solvents or caustics - so, it’s safe for the environment.

Thin surface layers of concrete can be easily removed to expose the aggregate or re-texture surfaces And for hydro-demolition, the Ultra High-Pressure Water Blaster targets specific areas, with no vibration or dust, to quickly blast away faulty material, and can descale and polish the rebar without damage to the reinforcing.

But what makes our Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting so specialised? We’re mobile! Our ComBlast Mobile team can come to you and contain the area if required. As no sparks are generated, The Connect Group's ComBlast Mobile team can undertake projects in hazardous locations, with no need for plant shutdown.

For more information on Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting or to see if we can help you with your blasting requirements, contact us – or


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