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Providing construction projects with a solutions focussed approach.

Structural Grout & Sealant

Biosecurity Control Area Repairs (MAF Pads Repairs)


Commercial Floor Slab Repairs 

Concrete Spall (Concrete Spalling) Repairs

Drilling & Anchoring & Underpinning

Cathodic Protection

Floor Coatings (i.e Epoxy Floor Coatings) 

Floor Joints/Floor Joint Repairs

Concrete Grinding & Polishing

Double Brick Wall Strengthening

FRP Wraps and Plate

GFRP Un-reinforced Masonry Solutions

The Connect Group
Grout and Sealant Christchurch

The Connect Group's teams can conduct on-site panel sealant and structural grouting, as well as drossbach and under panel grouting. 

We are able to service Christchurch, wider Canterbury and the South Island

Floor goatings and grinding and floor polishing

The Connect Group's ESS team are skilled at scarification grinding, concrete polishing, core, floor preparation and specialist finishes.

Protect your industrial and commercial floors to avoid damage to plant and property. Specialising in polyurethane and epoxy screeds, roll on coatings and specialist carpark waterproofing membranes, our team handle the entire project from preparation, repairs to coating. 

Shotcrete Christchurch

Shotcrete is a type of concrete that requires a spray-on application.  Our ComBlast Mobile team hydroscabble the surface prior to ESS installing steel fixing and applying a shotcrete finish.

One Team -  from start to finish.
Engage Early - Contact Us

For all enquiries about ESS and how we can help with your project, please contact Scott Wilson.
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