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Passive Fire Protection - the elements protecting buildings & their occupants, from fire.

Passive Fire Separations

firewalls, floor separations, electrical & plumbing services


fire, acoustic & seismic joints

Acoustic Noise Solutions

acoustic batts & acoustic blankets

Passive Fire Fire Blankets

firefly titan, plus 60 & phoenix

Passive Fire Remediation

designed solutions for existing builds that have failed their building WOF.

Passive Fire Protection - Design and Solutions

At your request, FireProtect is able to engage our support engineers and specifiers on your behalf to design Passive Fire solutions to even the most difficult projects. This provides you with PS1 design, construction monitoring, PS3 and PS4 sign-off. 

The Connect Group
The Connect Group Passive Fire

Passive Fire Protection - it's what protects buildings and their occupants from fire. FireProtect can undertake smoke and fire stopping of all building penetrations. Utilizing fire collars, fire bats, FR mastic, pillows, mortars, boards, curtains and foams, we can use tested and approved systems to meet your projects passive fire protection requirements. 

The Connect Group's FireProtect team are able to service Christchurch, wider Canterbury and the South Island

The Connect Group Acoustic Noise Solutions

Working to your projects specifications, FireProtect supply and install acoustic noise protection materials. These acoustic noise materials provide solutions that assist with noise reduction, building echoes and reverberation.

Acoustic Noise Solutions are installed in buildings such as schools, music studios, movie theatres and accommodation facilities. 

Don't make Passive Fire Protection an afterthought

For all enquiries about FireProtect and how we can help with your project, please contact Eifion (Sarge) Davies.

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