Our surface preparation solutions are tailored to suit your project.

Steel Shot/Grit Blasting
Sand Blasting (also known as Garnet Blasting)
Soda Blasting
Glass Bead Blasting
Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting (UHP)
Hydro Demolition and Hydro Scabbling 

The Connect Group hydrodemolition

Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting (also known as Water Jetting) provides a powerful, fast and economical solution for your blasting projects. With pressures from 20,000 to 40,000 (PSI), Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting quickly erode any types of tough surface build-up using only water, with no abrasives, chemicals, solvents or caustics - making it an environmentally safe option. And weather doesn't hold UHP up - it can be completed in rain, hail or shine!

What blasting solution we provide - all depends on your projects requirements. ​With a variety of blasting media available (including sandblasting, soda blasting and garnet blasting) - ComBlast Mobile work to the specifications of your project to prepare steel for the application of coatings - or when a surface needs to be cleaned (without creating a profile or when a minimal profile is required). 

Waterblasting and Mobile Blasting to suit your needs

For all enquiries about ComBlast Mobile and how we can help with your project, please contact Lucy Abdula.