ESS provides a range of services to both residential and commercial clients.

Concrete Crack Repairs & Injection

Foundation Crack Repairs 

Concrete Spall Repairs

Foundation Repairs

House Re-Levelling 

Structural Grout & Sealant

Biosecurity Control Area Repairs 

MAF Pads Repairs 


Drilling & Anchoring & Underpinning

Cathodic Protection

Floor Coatings 

Grinding & Polishing

Double Brick Wall Strengthening

FRP Wraps and Plate

GFRP Un-reinforced Masonry Solutions

Concrete Spalling The Connect Group

Concrete Crack Repairs, Floor Slab Repairs &

Garage Crack Repairs

Our ESS team are experts in concrete repairs - and know exactly how to resolve your crack repair issues to save you time and money. 

ESS works with engineers, builders, and earthquake representatives, to conduct repairs to cracks in concrete floors or foundations, crack injection to precast panel, beams, blockwork, foundations and water stop polyethene injection, using both surface packer and bore packer systems. 

House re-levelling, foundation repairs & consolidation jack & Pack 

We work with engineers, builders, and earthquake representatives, to conduct house re-levelling & consolidation, slab on grade, and ring foundation lifts.


We also repair internal floor dips/sags. 

One Team -  from start to finish.

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For all enquiries about ESS and how we can help with your project, please contact Scott Wilson.