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Remove concrete, asphalt & grout using high-pressure water blasting.

Hydro Demolition
Hydro Scabbling 
Anti-slip Surface/Surface preparation

We are able to service Christchurch, wider Canterbury and the South Island

Hydroscabble Hydrodemolition Christchurch
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Hydro Demolition and Hydro Scabbling (also known as concrete scabbling) is a preparation process in which our ComBlast Mobile team use UHP (Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting/Water Jetting) at 40,000 PSI to remove the concretes surface layer, to achieve the specified aggregate profile. This method sets up the preparation for Shotcrete application (and for the Shotcrete application, this would be where our ESS team comes in).

Hydro Demolition/Hydro Scabbling is also the recommended process to use to create an anti-slip surface/surface preparation for flooring products (i.e. flooring with a high volume of traffic).

Solutions for commercial and infrastructure projects

For all enquiries about Hydro Demolition and how we can help with your project, please contact us.

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