We operate three main teams, who provide a diverse range of asset protection.

The Connect Group operate three teams that provide a diverse range of asset protection services - from fireproofing, to protective coatings, concrete repairs, foundation repairs and passive fire protection, across commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects. 

Our wealth of experience and technical knowledge provides the size, strength, and capacity to handle multiple and often complex projects. Our broad range of services enables us to take care of many components of many project requirements – providing you with a collaborative approach, often eliminating the need for multiple contractors across your projects.

The Connect Group

Engineered Seismic Solutions (ESS) is The Connect Group’s internationally trained concrete repair specialist team. ESS provides tailored solutions to concrete repair, seismic strengthen and protect your assets. From the initial assessment, their focus is to ensure your projects concrete repairs and seismic strengthening, be completed to the highest standards - and that new structures will withstand the harshest of events and elements.

The Connect Group

The Connect Group's FireProtect team are our specialist Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and Acoustic Noise Solutions team. From the design stage through to the installation and application of passive fire protection and acoustic noise products, our FireProtect team provides clients with a one-stop shop for compliant Passive Fire installation and solutions.

The Connect Group

From sandblasting to ultra-high-pressure water blasting, our highly skilled ComBlast Mobile team can take care of your Mobile Blasting and Protective Coating requirements. Working across a range of industrial and construction projects, ComBlast Mobile team will come directly to you (we're mobile!) across Canterbury and the South Island.

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