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Concrete Crack Repairs & Injection

Foundation Crack Repairs 

Concrete Spall Repairs

Foundation Repairs

House Re-Levelling 

Structural Grout & Sealant

Biosecurity Control Area Repairs 

MAF Pads Repairs 


Drilling & Anchoring & Underpinning

Cathodic Protection

Floor Coatings 

Grinding & Polishing

Double Brick Wall Strengthening

FRP Wraps and Plate

GFRP Un-reinforced Masonry Solutions

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Passive Fire Separations

firewalls, floor separations, electrical & plumbing services


fire, acoustic & seismic joints

Acoustic Noise Solutions

acoustic batts & acoustic blankets

Passive Fire Fire Blankets

firefly titan, plus 60 & phoenix

Passive Fire Remediation

designed solutions for existing builds that have failed their building WOF.

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Protective Coatings

Intumescent Coatings

Cementitious Coatings

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting & Cleaning

Hydro Demolition

Hydro Scabbling

Multimedia Blasting

(sandblasting & soda blasting)

Mobile Metal Arc Spray

Non-slip Coatings

Tank Cleaning & Linings

oil and gas accredited 

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To better serve our ComBlast clients, we've made some changes!

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Established in 2004, The Connect Group operate three main teams, who provide a diverse range of asset protection, specialist repair, and maintenance services for commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

With a wealth of experience, technical knowledge, and a growing workforce, The Connect Group provides the size, strength, and capacity to handle multiple and often complex projects. Our broad range of services enables us to handle a large component of many project requirements, providing you with a collaborative approach - eliminating the need for multiple contractors across your projects!

Making asset protection easy, through specialist services.

"We have been using The Connect Group for a few years now. They are professional and always good to work with - they are one of the better companies to deal with.


They always do their paperwork and keep us informed, they are organized and know what they are doing. Their pricing is good and so is the quality of their work.


I am always recommending them to others."