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Thanks for considering The Connect Group as a potential sponsor!

The Connect Group is proud to support a variety of community groups, initiatives and activities through sponsorships. We believe our brand promise - Best People, Best Results - should be reflected not just within the four walls of The Connect Group, but also in the community as a whole.

Get sponsored by The Connect Group:

For consideration for sponsorship or funding, your proposal to The Connect Group need to include:


  • How it aligns with TCG’s brand promise and values

  • How it will foster a sense of community and contribute to benefits for our employees, stakeholders, and the wider community

  • What significant geographic reach or target market the sponsorship offers

  • How the sponsorship benefits outweigh the costs involved.


Decisions are made based on the above and how your proposal aligns with our overall strategic plan.

Learn more below about how to apply.

Blue Cradle Foundation.jpg

Blue Cradle Foundation

"The ocean is in our hands"

Our team assisted with the marketing, health and safety and install of the mural at the corner of Colombo and Lichfield Streets. The mural's purpose? To showcase and remind people of our duty of care to the marine environment and how YOU are important to the future of the Moana! 


Mural by artists Richie Pops Baker and Olly Kade.


South Island Surfing Association

The Connect Group are pleased to be the main sponsor for SISA-South Island Surfing Association - Grom Series!

SISA is the regional sports body for the sport of surfing in the South Island. Their aim is to promote South Island Surfing and encourage member clubs to host events that will enable promising surfers to gain competitive experience.

SISA - South Island Surfing Association Grom Series.png

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