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Giving Back to the Community

Ōtākaro Orchard

The Connect Group are passionate about giving back to the community. We wanted to create something memorable we could look back on and be proud of.

After contacting Volunteer Canterbury, the Ōtākaro Orchard was identified as a public initiative that aligned with our values and our team’s skillset. The Ōtākaro Orchard is a grassroots led, community project where people can grow, cook and preserve their own fruit and vegetables.

On Tuesday 26th September, 50 of The Connect Group’s team set foot upon the Ōtākaro Orchard and Ōtākaro Urban Farm. After a morning briefing, our team split into morning and afternoon shifts and got to work on a variety of key tasks that they needed assistance with.

This included concreting, building plant beds, joinery moving and planning, building a chicken coop, spreading mulch, trenching, weeding and many other tasks.

We had a great time working with the Ōtākaro Orchard and thoroughly enjoyed giving back to the community. We’re proud to have contributed to this amazing initiative in heart of Ōtautahi.


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