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From concrete repairs to seismic strengthening to passive fire protection, and protective coatings.

With three highly skilled teams leading a diverse range of services from seismic strengthening to passive fire protection, and protective coatings, The Connect Group brings a solution-focused and innovative approach to every project across Commercial, Industrial, and Infrastructure. Be assured that whether big or small, we approach all projects the same - always aligning with our core values to ensure the best results possible. 

Our broad range of services and technical knowledge enables our highly skilled team to handle many specialist components of your projects. We provide a collaborative approach - and working with us eliminates the need for you to engage with multiple contractors. From advising to looking beyond what is required and suggesting alternatives, our team always keeps the best results for your project in mind because we believe success comes down to more than just the quality of our work. 

Protective Coatings and Sodablasting Chirstchurch
Carbon Fire Christchurch Seismic

Earthquake Strengthening

Timber Fire Shield Fire Proofing.jpg

Protective Coatings & Fireproofing

Ultra HIgh Pressure Water Jetting New Zealand

High Pressure Water Blasting/Water Jetting

Sodablasting Sandblasting Christchurch

Sandblasting & Sodablasting

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