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ESS provides tailored solutions to repair, seismic strengthen and protect your assets. 

Working alongside engineers, designers, main contractors and suppliers, The Connect Group's teams ensure that from the early start of your earthquake strengthening project through to the end result - the solution fits the client's brief and is delivered with a solution-focused approach. 

Often with Seismic Strengthening, there are new innovative solutions from industry coming to market. While our team have learnt from our years of experience delivering these solutions - we train our staff in conjunction with suppliers and engineers on their latest techniques, to ensure that our methods are up to date with the evolving technology and processes. 

Engaging The Connect Group in the early stages of your project, allows us to consider more cost-effective solutions. Each area of a project needs to be assessed from a practical standpoint, and early engagement allows for research into what has been designed - ensuring the solutions and methods designed can be achieved. 

With our years of experience earthquake strengthening and installing seismic solutions, we understand that one size does not flt all projects and collaboration is key in achieving the best results for clients, by delivering high-level work and cost-effective solutions, keeping your assets protected, for years to come. 



Engineering Assessments
Concrete Crack Repairs & Crack Injection Column and Superstructure Strengthening Shutters & Form Work
Floor Diaphragms
Drag Beam Strengthening
Double Brick Wall Strengthening
Fibre-reinforced Polymer (FRP) Wraps & Plate Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP)
Re-Levelling (House Re-levelling) & Consolidation

Shotcrete Shear Wall Strengthening
Concrete Spoiling
Drilling & Anchoring
Hydro Demolition
Floor Coatings
Steel Strengthening


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