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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

  • Have you ever been involved in a project requiring concrete repairs?

  • Did you feel that you were provided with education and certainty?

  • And lastly - did you know that there are no concrete repair standards for New Zealand?

The Connect Group believe that concrete repairs such as these require extensive training and knowledge. Currently there are no concrete repair standards in New Zealand and that’s why The Connect Group have gone one step further – we’ve adopted the European standard for crack injection and concrete remediation repairs. With our knowledge and experience, we can provide you with certainty that the concrete superstructure in question that we are repairing, could handle long term attack from the elements or could withstand the next seismic event that is inevitable in this country.

The Connect Group want to see it done once - and done right.

Which is why our team continue working with Christchurch’s construction industry to share experiences in concrete repair, raise awareness and set the standard. Because we believe that imparting our knowledge, will ensure buildings in New Zealand are repaired correctly.

The Connect Group recently hosted 30 industry professionals, ranging from Quantity Surveyors to Site Managers, on August 21st 2019 to discuss concrete repairs in New Zealand.

Throughout the seminar, we ran our guests through varied repair methods. Our goal was to better equip engineers, site managers, project managers and quantity surveyors, with knowledge on how to ensure their crack and concrete repairs are carried out to the highest possible standard.

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Thank you to our sponsor of the event - Mapei.

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