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COVID-19 Policy - The Connect Group


Our head office is closed to the public - we have most of our team (including Operations Supervisors) working remotely and we will continue to deliver the same high level of service we pride ourselves on at TCG. Just like everyone else, we are facing the same challenges, so please bear with us if you happen to hear our daily lives in the background! Don't worry - we understand we will hear yours as well.

Need to connect with our team? For a complete list of contacts, visit

For all other enquiries please contact our Marketing and Client Relationship Manager - You can also send us a Facebook message and we'll get back to you during working hours.

What is TCG doing to ensure everyone's health and safety?

COVID-19 will continue to affect us all, from how we work to how we conduct our daily lives. The health, safety, and well-being of our clients and team members is our top priority. We will work with you to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to follow the protocols set out by you, as well as New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols, to ensure a smooth start and safe delivery of your projects. We will also have our own measures in place including ensuring all updated H&S documentation with current protocols will be provided on-site. This will be aligned with all protocols set out on-site, by you.

Teams will be sent directly to site, all sites must hold a prestart toolbox meeting (keep 2m apart) to demonstrate that the information from TCG and our clients has been understood and followed.

We will liaise with your teams to ensure what we have onsite – matches the protocols you set out, however, expect to see -

  • Onsite signage (covid signage, sign-in/out sheets, QR scan codes)

  • Exclusion zones where possible - including a drop-off area for supplies and PPE

  • Our own smoko areas (we will stagger breaks)

  • Wash stations with a sanitiser, soap and water, surface cleaners, covered rubbish bins, hand towels, wipes (for cleaning tools)

We will also have additional PPE/face masks available (to be worn on site when working close to others, or arriving and leaving a site) along with gloves, glasses, and coveralls.

If you have any questions or have updated COVID-19 H&S documentation to send to The Connect Group, please contact

We know these times will be challenging for all - we sincerely thank you for your support as we all navigate through these unprecedented times together.

I'd personally like to thank our staff, suppliers, and clients for your ongoing support in these challenging times. We all look forward to catching up with you albeit virtually, or at a distance when required.

With thanks,

Carl Wright - General Manager

The Connect Group


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