In September of 2015 The Connect Group were selected by Hawkins as repair specialists to undertake complex concrete repairs, injection and strengthening to The Christchurch Town Hall, an iconic building designed by Sir Miles Warren and extensively damaged during the Christchurch earthquakes.

The $127.5 million dollar restoration of this iconic 1972 heritage-listed building, is one of the biggest conversation projects undertaken in Christchurch, and being completed over a three year time-frame.

Being that the Christchurch Town Hall is a grade one listed heritage building, creates a challenge right from the outset, as all contractors were obligated to maintain the heritage aspects and keep it as true to it’s original form and function.

Visible concrete elements including floors, walls and beams requiring repairs couldn’t have any mechanical or aggressive grinding undertaking on them or a coating applied to disguise the repair. So extensive sampling using various repair techniques were undertaken in conjunction with the architect and the heritage team. The approved repair methodology was developed and undertaken with the outcome of achieving a uniform finish and minimal visible repairs. Another challenge was to repair badly damaged concrete spalling throughout the building and again develop a method to restore the integrity and the texture of the heritage finish.

To strengthen the Christchurch Town Hall in the event of a future seismic event and meet the building standard, an engineered solution was designed by the project engineers and an estimated 4500 sq meters of carbon fibre and anchoring rods were installed with up to five layers running alternative directions. These were installed in the roof structure of the James Hay Theatre and The Main Auditorium, and beams throughout the interior.

The application of carbon fibre to the Christchurch Town Hall was one of the largest projects undertaken in New Zealand, and presented challenges due to it’s sheer size, shape, height, pitch of the roof, wind and heat factor and moisture levels. This also required extreme monitoring, technical planning, specific training, ongoing communication and developing solutions in conjunction with the architect and project engineers.

Throughout this project a high level of Quality Assurance was required as part of the engineers and clients request which included custom designed QA documentation, extensive daily testing and photographic records.

Hawkins selected The Connect Group for this project due to our extensive range of services and their proven ability to collaborate and tailor solutions specific to each project. 


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