Welcome to The Connect Group | South Island, New Zealand
The Connect Grop Christchurch Asset Protection Engineered Seismic Solutions

Level Survey

Concrete Repairs

Crack Repairs & Crack Injection

Residential/Commercial Repairs

Re-levelling/Foundation Repairs

Grinding and Polishing 
Earthquake Repairs/Re-Repairs

Grout and Sealant

MPI Container Pad/Biosecurity Control Area repairs

The Connect Group Fire Protect Asset Protection

PFP to Penetrations

Fire Curtains and Acoustic Blankets

Fire Separations/Fire Walls

Seismic Fire and Acoustic Joints 

Fire and Acoustic Sealants

Acoustic Noise Solutions and Ratings 

Passive Fire Remedial Work 

Fire Ratings

The Connect Group Comblast Commerical Blasting and Painting Sandblasting

Protective Coatings

UHP Water Blasting 

Garnet Blasting (Sandblasting)

Multimedia Blasting

Metal Arc Spray

Steel Priming

Coating Systems

Architectural Finishes

Comblast Mobile New 2018.png

UHP Water Blasting

Hydro Demolition

Marine and Industrial Coatings

Multimedia Blasting

Intumescent Coatings

Cementitious Fire Proofing

Protective Coatings

Cleaning and Linings



The Connect Group

Head Office - 82 Thackeray Street - Waltham - Christchurch

03 374 6849

Comblast (Blast and Coatings)

35 Hayton Road - Wigram - Christchurch

03 974 1514

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