WELLINGTON - Seismic Stregthening, Concrete Repairs, Relevelling


Following a number of Earthquakes throughout New Zealand, property owners have or are now undertaking earthquake repairs and re-repairs. There is now a significant focus on the Wellington region.

In response to the Canterbury earthquakes, after completing a number of successful repairs, The Connect Group have spent the last 10 years educating industry and the public on the risks associated with earthquake-prone/damaged buildings and repairing a number of commercial and residential structures across New Zealand.


Working in collaboration with some of the best suppliers and engineers across the country, we ensure clients projects are given the best and most cost-effective repair strategies. It is important to us that repairs being carried out to the highest possible standard - this not only ensures the safety of the building's occupants but the longevity of the building. 

If you would like no-obligation advice on your Wellington properties structural integrity or more information about how we can help strengthen Wellington, get in touch with our ESS team.


Click here to read an article published by stuff.co.nz on July 10th 2020, for more information on Wellingtons Billion Dollar Quake Proofing Mission. 

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