Wrapping up 2020 - The Connect Group

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It is safe to say that we can all agree – what a year.

This year as a business, like many, we have been impacted – and have had to adjust to a new normal. From new health and safety process to moving meetings to online, to remembering to scan our tracking code wherever we go – we have had to learn to adjust and change very quickly. And the adjustments we have made? These are now the new norm.

Looking back over 2020 in terms of change for The Connect Group, in October, our ComBlast teams became fully mobile. The decision was made to adapt the teams, to offer our clients better accessibility (being fully mobile, our teams now come to you) cost reductions (we’re cutting out the transportation middle man by coming to site) and because our ComBlast Mobile teams work in conjunction with our ESS and FireProtect teams, as a group we felt we could continue to provide clients with our solution-focused approach to projects. It was not an easy decision to make – but it has been a positive one across the group, with team members moving into new areas of the business, upskilling and overall, our team building stronger relationships with our clients.

Despite the uncertain times, along with the changes we are pleased to say we have continued to grow, and we know we have our strong workforce and our clients to thank for that!

To put into context just how busy you have kept us over 2020, our teams completed over

  • 10,500 lm of Crack Injection

  • 700 SL Collars

  • 1200 m2 of Firefly

  • 23m3 of Hydro Demolition

We've also had ComBlast Mobile on the road, applying protective coatings, intumescent and cementitious, on a number of jobs throughout the South Island.

It has been a year of exciting projects and this month sees us wrapping up our biggest one of the year - 96 Lichfield Street (Wellington Woollen Manufacturing Company Building, Former). Most in Christchurch would remember it housing Ishimoto Bar (in SOL square) and Minx Bar, prior to the 2011 earthquakes. Our ESS was tasked with Strengthening and Crack Repairs to this Category 1 Historic Building.

Other projects across Canterbury such as West Fitzroy Apartments (Crack Injection/Repairs) SL3/One Central (Passive Fire Protection, Grout and Sealant) and residential earthquake repairs (such as crack injection, concrete repairs and foundation crack repairs) have kept our three teams busy.

We are pleased that we can already say that there will be a lot more exciting things to come for 2021. Our main priorities for the year ahead? Continue to stay true to our brand promise (Best People - Best Results) and our values -

  • Professional

  • Proactive

  • Helpful

  • Reliable

  • Positive

to keep growing and strengthening our team, and of course, continue to deliver to the best of our capabilities to our loyal clients.

So, from our team to yours – thank you for your continued support – we will see you again in 2021.