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Providing Mobile Solutions - Business Update - The Connect Group

This year has been one of change for many in business and globally we are now in an era of adapting how we deliver services. To better serve our clients through these challenging and changing times, from October 2020, The Connect Group’s ComBlast team will become fully mobile.

By adapting our ComBlast and ComBlast Mobile teams, The Connect Group can offer clients better accessibility (being fully mobile, our team will come to you) cost reductions (we’re cutting out the transportation middle man by coming to site) and because our ComBlast Mobile teams work in conjunction with our ESS and FireProtect teams, as a group we can to continue to provide clients with a solution-focused approach to projects.

If you are wondering where some of your favourite team members from ComBlast are - you’ll find them working across the business, including in the ComBlast Mobile team.

ComBlast Mobile is available for Protective Coating, Intumescent, Cementitious & Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting (UHP) projects across Canterbury and can travel throughout the South Island.

If you have any questions - please contact:

Ashleigh Burgess

Sales and Marketing


Lucy Abdula



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