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FireProtect can undertake smoke and fire stopping of all building penetrations. Utilizing pipe collars, fire bats, FR mastic, pillows, mortars, boards, curtains and foams; we are able to use tested and approved systems to meet your fire stopping requirements.


At your request, FireProtect are able to engage our support engineers and specifiers on your behalf to design solutions to even the most difficult penetrations.


This provides you with PS1 design, construction monitoring, PS3 and PS4 sign-off. This can provide far greater clarity and accuracy of forecasting of your passive fire project costs. Our aim is to provide quality fire-stopping with strict quality assurance at a reasonable and transparent cost.


Installing seismic fire-rated joints mean that in the event of a fire, the fire cannot get into connected buildings. Also, means in the event of seismic activity, it would still maintain its fire rating (should a fire occur after an EQ)

Fire ratings are the duration in which the Passive Fire Protection can withstand the elements of fire. Fire ratings are structured in minutes – 60/60/60 – 120/120/120.


Working to the specifications of your project, FireProtect can supply and install Fire Sealant to penetrations, as required.




Working to your projects specifications, FireProtect supply and install acoustic and noise protection materials. These materials create efficient solutions that assist with noise reduction, building echoes, and reverberation. Acoustics can be used on a range of buildings, including places like schools, movie theatres and accommodation facilities.


Acoustic products can also be installed to services, to prevent you from being able to hear them while they’re operational (for example, HVAC)


See more about Intumescent - ComBlast/ComBlast Mobile


See more about Intumescent - ComBlast/ComBlast Mobile