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FireProtect can undertake smoke and fire stopping of all building penetrations. Utilizing pipe collars, fire bats, FR mastic, pillows, mortars, boards, curtains and foams; we are able to use tested and approved systems to meet your fire stopping requirements.


At your request, FireProtect are able to engage our support engineers and specifiers on your behalf to design solutions to even the most difficult penetrations.


This provides you with PS1 design, construction monitoring, PS3 and PS4 sign-off. This can provide far greater clarity and accuracy of forecasting of your passive fire project costs. Our aim is to provide quality fire stopping with strict quality assurance at a reasonable and transparent cost.





Utilising our Comblast teams, FireProtect can undertake off-site intumescent applications providing you with steelwork ready to be erected with Intumescent and top coats already applied if required. This saves you programme time, H&S and access costs. We also have a mobile team that follow the installation of the steel to undertake touch ups and welding remedial work.


FireProtect have a range of intumescent products available that provide greater durability than the standard thin film sprays, minimising the chance of transport and installation damage.




When aesthetics are not an issue FireProtect can offer a range of cementitious fireproofing products to achieve up to 240min FR. No primer is required to steelwork to receive the cementitious enabling savings to your project costs. Although slower to spray than intumescent paint, the cementitious products can provide substantial cost savings. FireProtect are approved applicators of Monokote, Cafco and Southwest 5GP. Thickness of application ranges from 10.5mm through to 40mm depending on steel type and fire rating required.



The FireProtect team also protects your industrial and commercial floors. Specialising in polyurethane and epoxy screeds, roll on coatings and specialist car park waterproofing membranes, our team handle the entire project from preparation, repairs to coating. Continuing the focus on QA and quality you can be assured of an aesthetically pleasing, durable flooring finish.