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Surface Profile Measurement –

using both the latest electronic equipment and traditional methods to measure the depth of anchor patterns


Coating Thickness Measurement –

to confirm coating thicknesses against specifications on almost all surfaces, by both destructive and non-destructive methods.


Adhesion Testing –

from simple cross-cut adhesion testing to full dolly pull off tests to determine coatings suitability for overcoating and general adhesion characteristics


Holiday Testing –

high and Low voltage coating discontinuity testing locating pinholes, cracks and low film thicknesses


Soluble Salts Testing –

indicative onsite testing utilising conductivity and off-site lab-based concentration testing


Lead & Asbestos Testing –

testing of coatings prior to removal or maintenance for hazardous lead and asbestos

Hardness Testing –

used as an indicative measure of proper curing of the coating


Environmental Monitoring –

to ensure manufacturers dry and cure parameters are met during coating application


Coatings Surveys –

investigate and report on the performance of applied coating systems


Specification Services –

specification service based on assessment of proposed coating corrosivity environments, in line with AS/NZS 2312:2014 performance guides


EWP and Confined Space Qualified –

SiteSafe accredited, fully certified to enter confined spaces (Units 18426-25510-17599) and operatation of elevated work platforms (Units 23966-23960-23962),