The Connect Group - ESS - Concrete Repair & Relevelling

Following a number of Earthquakes throughout New Zealand, property owners have or are now undertaking repairs and re-repairs. It is important that repairs be carried out to the highest possible standard.

Engineered Seismic Solutions combines The Connect Group's existing services for concrete repair, crack repair, earthquake repairs, house re-levelling, foundation repairs and asset protection under one team. 


Offering an innovative and collaborative approach to design solutions for every project, our teams work in conjunction with engineering and construction professionals to deliver the best results for your asset protection. 


The Connect Group are internationally trained and approved applicators for Mapei, Sika and D-Bauchemie, our team of professionals have extensive experience in repairs, re-repairs (EQC repairs and re-repairs) and seismic strengthening. With robust processes in place, we specialise in Residential, Commercial and Heritage buildings and are ready to help you with a range of services including concrete repairs, re-levelling, carbon fibre and strengthening services.


ESS can provide complete project management, from the initial stages of assessing your property and producing a full report, through to engineered design to managing the repairs and strengthening, and sign-off.

Although The Connect Group's ESS team predominantly operate from Christchurch, we have the ability to deliver services across the South Island. 




Level Survey

Crack Repairs & Crack Injection

Concrete Repairs 

Earthquake Repairs/Re-repairs

FRP Wraps and Plate

GFRP Un-reinforced masonry solutions

Spall repairs

Foundation Re-Levelling & Consolidation

Structural Grouting & Sealant

Grinding & Polishing


Drilling & Anchoring

UHP Hydro Demolition


Cathodic Protection

Floor Coatings 

Double Brick Wall Strengthening

MPI Container Pads/Biosecurity Control Areas (MAF Pads) repairs 


Expert in residential and commercial concrete repairs and earthquake strengthening.


For all enquiries about ESS and how we can help with your project, please contact  or Robin.

The Connect Group

Head Office - 82 Thackeray Street - Waltham - Christchurch

03 374 6849

Comblast (Blast and Coatings)

35 Hayton Road - Wigram - Christchurch

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