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Engineered Seismic Solutions (ESS) is The Connect Group’s internationally trained concrete repair specialist team. 


With a strong reputation built on innovation and collaboration, our ESS team are specialists in residential, commercial and heritage works and are known for their capacity to take on large scale seismic strengthening projects, right down to smaller-scale projects, such as residential foundation crack repairs.


ESS provides tailored solutions to repair, strengthen and protect your assets. From the initial assessment, the focus is to ensure your projects repairs be completed to the highest standards - and that new structures are designed to withstand the harshest of events and elements (i.e. weather, further seismic movement)

ESS can provide full project management and often work in conjunction with our FireProtect and ComBlast Mobile teams to provide a range of solutions to your project, eliminating the need for multiple contractors

Although The Connect Group's ESS team predominantly operate from Christchurch, we have the ability to deliver services across the South Island. 




Level Survey

Concrete Crack Repairs & Crack Injection

Foundation Crack Repairs & Foundation Repairs

Concrete Spalling

Earthquake Repairs/Re-repairs

FRP Wraps & Plate

GFRP Un-reinforced Masonry Solutions

Re-Levelling (House Re-levelling) & Consolidation

Structural Grouting & Sealant

Grinding & Polishing


Drilling & Anchoring

UHP Hydro Demolition


Cathodic Protection

Floor Coatings 

Double Brick Wall Strengthening

MPI Container Pads/Biosecurity Control Areas (MAF Pads) repairs 


ESS is one of the most experienced teams in New Zealand providing concrete repairs, foundation crack repairs, house re-levelling, grout & sealant & seismic strengthening.

Talk to The Connect Group today about residential and commercial concrete repairs and earthquake strengthening.


For all enquiries about ESS and how we can help with your project, please contact Scott