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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are used as a protective coating for steel and concrete. 


Polyurethane Coatings

High performance aesthetically pleasing topcoats.

Tank Linings

Potable water epoxy’s, fuel tank linings, corrosive cargo linings


High Build Systems

Protective coatings for specialised high wear, high corrosion environments.

Architectural Finishes

High slip-co efficient faying surface coatings. Level 2, 3 4 and C finishes can be offered on request by negotiation.


Reference to finishes – Steel Construction New Zealand. ​


When aesthetics are not an issue, The Connect Group can offer a range of cementitious fireproofing products to achieve up to 240min FR. No primer is required to steelwork to receive the cementitious enabling savings to your project costs. Although slower to spray than intumescent paint, the cementitious products can provide substantial cost savings. Our team are approved applicators of Monokote, Cafco and Southwest 5GP. The thickness of application ranges from 10.5mm through to 40mm depending on steel type and fire rating required.


Intumescent coatings provide structural protection for steel, in the event of a fire (fire protection).



Steel Shot/Grit Blasting

Steel Shot and Grit blasting primarily used for preparing steel for the application of protective coatings. 

Garnet Blasting (also known as Sand Blasting)

Commonly known as Sandblasting, Garnet is now used in place of Silica, due to health and safety risks associated with Silica. Garnet Blasting is primarily used for preparing steel for the application of protective coatings but is also used when non-metallic media is required, for example, aluminium blasting. 

Glass Bead Blasting
Glass Bead Blasting is a specialised media used for blasting aluminium and stainless steel, depending on the application required.

Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting is used when a surface needs to be cleaned without creating a profile or a minimal profile is required. Essentially, it is used as a cleaner.

Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting

Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting provides a powerful, fast and economical solution for your blasting projects. With pressures from 20,000 to 40,00 (PSI), Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting quickly erode any type of tough surface build-up using only water, with no abrasives, chemicals, solvents or caustics - so, it’s safe for the environment.

For more about UHP - click here

For other specialised blasting media, e.g. aluminium oxide please contact us.

TANK CLEANING & TANK LININGS - Oil and Gas Accredited

ComBlast Mobile can conduct tank cleaning to remove any residual cargo, prior to painting or inspection.